Here at Project Gorgeous, I believe that health is a reflection of beauty and beauty is a reflection of health.  

We all have our ailments and I see each client as a snowflake that is unique in their own expression of health and beauty.  My goal is to help you achieve your healthiest, happiest physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self so you can express that outwardly and share your gifts, passion and purpose with the world.  I support your transformation, from the inside – out!  

I offer 8 specific programs that are 12 60 minute sessions.  These programs are endorsed by world renowned health and medical professionals.  Here’s how to get started:

Choose the program that best suits you:

Brain & Mood Support

Do you experience mood swings, neurological distress, anxiety or depression, etc?  Do you feel guilty taking medications to stabilize your mood?  Join me as I guide you through a mind-blowing, transformative protocol designed by Dr. Dan Engle and the Health Coach Institute.

“Whether we’re in the middle of a crisis or personal struggle, going through the motions and habits of our daily routines or stretching ourselves into the next level of growth, our minds can be allies or enemies to the process.” ~Dr. Dan Engle

You will learn what the top 10 foods for brain and mood health are and you will gain a fresh outlook on life in 12 60 minute sessions.  Take the first step to support your brain and mood health by signing up for this program today!

Hormonal Balancing

Are you experiencing fatigue, sluggishness, brain fog, breakouts, hair loss or excessive hair growth, menstrual issues or low libido?  You are not alone.  Join me as I walk you through a 12 week protocol to balance your hormones and gain control of your life!  You get email support, resources, recipes and weekly coaching calls with recap emails of our sessions.  This type of coaching is unique because we dive deep to explore the root cause of what is ailing you.  Don’t wait for the symptoms to get worse, sign up now to balance your hormones and become a healthier, happier version of you.

Emotional Eating

Do you find yourself binging when you are sad, happy, angry, lonely, excited, nervous, stressed or all of the above?  Does it seem like anything can trigger your cravings yet nothing can satisfy them?  Join me for a 12 week program to finally get your emotions to stop influencing your diet.  You get email support, resources, recipes and weekly coaching calls with recap emails of our sessions.  Take control of your appetite by saying no more to the madness and by getting more in touch with how you are feeling.  You will feel more calm and empowered from this program so sign up to start feeling better now.

Adrenal Fatigue / Thyroid / Auto-Immune Support

Do you feel like your battery is losing its juice?  Are you struggling to find the energy to get up and go?  Are you an overachiever that is on a mission and you’ve been burning the candle at both ends?  Have you started experiencing symptoms that are strangle or inexplicable, like brain fog, weight gain, abnormal sweating, hair loss, fatigue, low libido, digestive issues, etc?  I’ve been there.  Join me as I walk you through a 12 step protocol to replenish your reserves so you don’t have to feel like you are zombie going through motions.  You get email support, recipes, resources and 12 weekly coaching calls with recap emails of our sessions. There is no reason to feel like you are wired but tired any longer.  Sign up now to begin your path to recovery before you crash and burn.

Kick the Sugar Habit & Weight Loss

Are you ready to kick the sugar habit?  Join me as I walk you through this 12 week protocol to identify high impact, medium impact and low impact sugary foods.  You get email support, resources, recipes and weekly coaching calls with recap emails of our sessions.  We also discover ways to properly nourish yourself, not just from food, but from other aspects of your life.  You’ll experience an increase in energy levels, reduced sugar and carb cravings, a more stable appetite, mood and focus, less gas and bloating and a kickstart to your metabolism as well as inches off your waistline.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up now to kick the sugar habit for good!


Do you have:

Tummy troubles?  Skin woes?  Immunity issues?  Poor memory?  Brain fog?

This protocol is created by Dr. Vincent Pedre, author of “Happy Gut—The Cleansing Program To Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Eliminate Pain” and the Health Coach Institute.

In Chinese Medicine, the gut is the center and foundation of health and I am extremely passionate about helping you heal your digestive system!  We start with a pre-program questionnaire to get your baseline.  I walk you through 12 60 minute coaching sessions with recipes to balance your digestion and build your immune system.  I will teach you how to get enough water daily, how to get off dairy and gluten and much more!  Don’t wait – start your comprehensive healing journey now!

Heart Health

Have you had heart-related issues and you’re not sure what to eat or what to do?

“Heart disease is the #1 killer of women and men and has an enormous impact on health worldwide, even though we can prevent it 90% of the time.” ~Dr. Steven Masley

This is a protocol designed to benefit your cardiovascular health, circulation, waistline, energy and romantic life!  Formulated by Dr. Steven Masley and the Health Coach Institute, I walk you through lifestyle changes and the top nutrients you must have for your heart and circulation in 12 60 minute sessions.


Are you struggling to get pregnant?  Whether you have tried many treatments or you want to take a holistic route before considering medical intervention, this protocol, designed by Dr. Stephanie Daniel, nicely compliments IVF rounds to increase treatment success or can be done before drug attempts to save time, money, and the sometimes damaging spiking of hormones.  This is an integrative, whole body, holistic approach to getting naturally pregnant in 12 60 minute coaching sessions.  You will learn the most essential nutrients to include in your pre-pregnancy protocol and the ones you absolutely must avoid.  You will also have access to a fertility boosting menu plan with recipes.  Join me now to start the journey to get your body and mind in balance!

“There is no downside to getting the body and mind in balance. There are only benefits.” ~Dr. Stephanie Daniel

Here’s how to get started:

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