I was constantly hiding and feeling small in conferences, meetings at work, in pictures, and more, until enough was enough…

Project Gorgeous is a makeover that not only includes your face & body, but also your soul.  This is a program that helps you look and feel like a million bucks now.  It is a program that is designed to help you feel more confident, attractive and to take action in the direction of your dreams.

I’ll show you how to:

  • wear an outfit with pride 
  • dress as a reflection of how you want to feel
  • age gracefully without going under the knife or needle 
  • look back at age 90 and say, “I kept getting better with my age”
  • see a photo of yourself and say “I love how I look and feel right now”
  • ace a DIY makeover in 10 minutes or less
  • appreciate every moment as a gift and opportunity to be your best self possible
  • learn just enough cooking to pack the healthiest, quickest, easiest and cheapest meals for lunch 
  • feel more confident at work or in general

I’ve created programs that help you become healthier through nutrition, more attractive through styling and more dynamic through tapping into your inner strengths and saying “so what” to your insecurities.  You see, since I’ve done this work, I’ve managed to balance my hormones and finally become a first time mom, dress for my figure to feel more confident in pictures and in front of large groups, raise my hand during business conferences which resulted in being voted best Core Values winner of the company in 2017, and launching the coaching business of my dreams.

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